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Affiliate Disclosure

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“How are you qualified to give me advice about money?” It is a good thing to be skeptical and not take financial advice from just anyone. I don’t have a CPA, I’m not a Certified Financial Planner, advisor, specialist, consultant, counselor,  nor do I hold any of the other alphabet soup title designations. I’m just a regular dude, who is passionate about personal finance, that has been a student of the topic for the last 18+ years.  (See also: WTF is Black Sheep Millionaire?!?)

This blog is for ‘entertainment purposes only,’ so if you need financial advice, you can seek out one of the certified “experts” listed above.   In other words, don’t sue me if you “accidentally” pay off all your debt, your house, make more money, and ultimately become a millionaire.  And… don’t sue me if you don’t, because you shouldn’t listen to me… I’m not qualified.  Thanks and have a great day.